It is so important to us that we use only the best products and tools on you during your visit, and make it our goal to make sure that you look and feel fantastic while you are here and at home.

The Cutting Edge offers only the finest products to our guests, which is why we are a Davines Concept Salon. Formulated in Parma Italy, Davines products are designed with a minimal negative impact on the environment, and high quality natural products are used. Davines is now working in partnership with the Slow Food Movement, also known as the Presidia Project, which strives to preserve traditional farming methods and species of regional ingredients. We are so proud to say that The Essentials Line is sulphate and paraben free, and also uses selective ingredients from participating farmers in the Slow Food Movement.   Using these selective farmed ingredients keeps alive the vegetable species that is at risk of extinction which protects the biodiversity; as a result each Essentials product pays recognition to the story, the face and the name of each farmer who grew it with such care and passion.

The Naturica line was formulated in Cantina Italy. With a goal to reduce their carbon foot-print, Naturica created a line of professional products designed to meet the demand of natural, paraben and sulphate free  cleansing and treatment options. Naturica  uses volcanic water from the base of Mt. Etna which gathers precious minerals as it passes through layers of molten rock. These minerals revive the shine, colour and strength of your hair.

BioIonic is our line of exceptional tools, specifically designed to allow you to develop and recreate styles found at the salon. This patented system uses natural negative ions in our hair to help restructure and neutralize those unwanted flyaways. See and feel the difference using a BioIonic tool at home!



Your experience at the Beauty Bar is never complete without the option of being able to continue your nail treatments at home. Zoya is a line  that pioneered the removal of toxic ingredients such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) from its formulations. In continuing with belief of well-being, the Beauty Bar uses RICA wax which is also formulated in Italy using 98% natural ingredients.